Praise – see what other’s have to say about working with me ~

“I have known Sue for a number of years and completed (all) my Reiki training with her. Throughout the whole process, Sue has supported and guided me, she has shared her knowledge and skills with enthusiasm and love. Her support has continued over the years, she has always made herself freely available, and I am eternally grateful. Meeting Sue, and learning with her, has been one of the most rewarding, wholesome experiences I have enjoyed. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sue as guide, tutor, supporter or mentor on your own life path, and I cannot speak highly enough about her authenticity, honesty and commitment to helping others. Bless you Sue. xxx”

“I wholeheartedly recommend Sue as a teacher”

“I met Sue and she helped me settle into Reiki, as I had being attuned by someone else who had moved abroad and I needed more support as I felt wobbly. She was very clear and thorough on explanations of any queries I had and helped me to understand healing for myself and others, encouraging self-confidence and awareness. Thanks Sue, you’ve a rock.”

“I decided to ring Sue and find out more … and what it involved. Immediately I felt a connection with Sue, she wasn’t pushy trying to sell … but just gave me the information leaving me as she put it ‘to follow my heart.’”

“I rang Sue for a chat and … felt instantly at ease talking to her. Sue has been an invaluable source of support and kindness to me. I feel eternally grateful to her.”

“Sue herself was down-to-earth”

“Sue echo’s the ethos of Reiki in her teaching role.”

“She honours her students as individuals”

“Sue has provided me with a very positive role model as a Reiki Master in training, from which to develop my own practice and individual approach. Each level of Reiki is very different and Sue’s breadth of knowledge, skills and understanding to help each individual student at whichever stage are only to be admired.”

“I am quite a sensitive person and often shy, I wanted to feel ‘safe’ and not judged in any way. I rang Sue for a chat and to arrange an appointment and felt instantly at ease talking to her”

“Thinking back I count myself as very lucky to have chosen Sue to be my teacher. Her strength of commitment and belief in Reiki, shines through and has been an inspiration to me. Her openness and generosity in sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience as both a Reiki practitioner and trainer has been invaluable. Sue is a genuine person who really cares about what she does and about maintaining the best standards. Sue provides excellent support. She has always made herself available to help me process my Reiki experience and understanding whenever I have needed to. Knowing some of Sue’s other students, I know this is also the case with them.”

“As well as being more energetic, I feel I’m calmer now (although I’m still working on this!). I have a lot more clarity in my goals, I’ve stopped procrastinating and I’ve moved forward in a lot of areas of my life. I genuinely feel that the Reiki techniques Sue shared with us in the workshop have given me a tool that I can use in my daily life whenever I am feeling overwhelmed or stressed by my job or life in general. In fact, I’ve found it easier than I expected to fit Reiki into my life and I now use it several times a week, and every day when I have the time.”

“I have known Sue for nearly 13 years now and during that time she has helped me enormously. Sue is a naturally positive person, but not just that she comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience of helping people develop themselves to be the best they can be. I took my first Reiki class with Sue back in autumn 2002 and was straightaway impressed by the quality of her teaching and dedication to what she did. Sue can see in people things they often have not realised in themselves. This was certainly the case with me and my Reiki journey. Today I am a Reiki Master and Teacher, yet this was not something I had ever contemplated I would be doing. Sue is never pushy but always encouraging helped me to reach this place, going at my pace. She has been there every since for guidance and support for which I am immensely grateful. One of the great gifts Sue has imparted to me is to focus on the positive and to put my energy into this. It seems perfect, that she is now sharing all her skills and insights, in the wonderful tips and resources available through ‘Allowing Joy’. Sometimes finding Joy isn’t a big task, but about subtle shifts . Thank you Sue for helping me with making these changes which have brought me to a better place.”

I deeply appreciate all of my Students and Clients, I am an eternal student of life and learn from each and every person I meet.

 Sue xx