Got Reiki Treatment Questions? Let’s answer them here.

Do I need to prepare for a Reiki Treatment?

Being well hydrated prior to a treatment is always good (I have a loo here you can use).

Wear comfortable clothing, you’ll want your body to relax.

I can either treat both your front and back or just your front if that is more comfortable and relaxing.  We will discuss you preference before we start and I can adapt the treatment to accommodate you.

  • Front and back. The client is first laying in their back, then they turn over and I treat their back.
  • Front only. Receive the whole treatment laying on your, ideal if you want to snooze or if you think turning over would be uncomfortable for you.

Reiki will go to wherever it is needed so no need to worry about bits being missed out, your comfort is my priority.

If you have any other concerns, please mention them to me. I want you to feel supported in your healing.

Drink or Drugs

If a client attends an appointment under the influence of alcohol or drugs, I will decline to treat them and they will forfeit the cost of the session.

Medications – Reiki can improve the efficacy of medication, which may result in you needing less than usual.  This is worth noting with variable things like insulin.  I remind clients when I see them, to monitor their blood levels more closely after the Reiki treatment.

Please continue to take prescriptions medication as instructed by your Doctor or medical specialist.

 What might I feel during the Reiki treatment?

Some folk feel nothing at all during the treatment, then afterwards realise that they have relaxed deeply.

Others feel warmth, see colours, all sorts of things.  No two treatments are the same as our needs are different every time, experiencing more or less is no reflection on the depth of the healing process.

Sometimes emotions come to the surface and that is fine, I always have tissues handy. See them as giving you a wave on the way out, you are in a safe, confidential space.

Time is included in your session for you to enjoy a drink of water whilst we chat about your experience before you venture back out into the busy world.

Do I need to do anything during the Reiki Treatment?

There is nothing you need to do. Lie back, relax, snooze, slobber, snore (I take the sound of snoring as a compliment).

The more you can relax and allow the Reiki in, the more it is flowing to wherever it needs to go, without any direction from us.

You are in a safe space here.

What can I do about after the Reiki Treatment to benefit me?

The Reiki will keep working through your system for a couple of days, drink more water and let your body guide you.

Sometimes people feel energised, sometimes they feel the desire to rest.

Sometimes old emotions come to the surface, be gentle with yourself and let them go.

I often hear people remark that they feel creatively inspired, that colours appear brighter, food tastes more delicious and they can connect to a deep sense of peace and joy.

There is no judgement though, just enjoy the unfolding.

Do I need to believe in Reiki to benefit from it?

Your consent to receiving Reiki is important from an ethical point of view.

Even if you are sceptical about it’s efficacy or doubtful about Reiki in anyway, in my experience you can still get benefit. At the very least people say it’s a very relaxing experience, but you might be surprised about the benefits you receive.

Who is Reiki for?

Reiki is suitable for everyone young or old, sick or healthy, human or animal.

There needn’t be anything wrong with us as such, Reiki will go to the deepest level of whatever might be going on, helping us to feel better than we did before, which is no bad thing 🙂

Why might I learn Reiki?

Many people choose to learn Reiki so they can treat themselves and use it as an aid to personal growth and self healing.

Reiki is hugely supportive as a self-healing tool when we feel stressed or in physical discomfort.  Many of my students have remarked on how amazing Reiki is for pain relief.

Some may continue with their studies and become a Reiki Practitioner but that certainly isn’t an expectation.  It’s for using on yourself primarily.

If you’ve already learnt Reiki and have questions feel free to contact me either by email to or phone 07855098166

Sue xx