Is Reiki Master training right for you?  Only you can decide lovely.

I’ve had this conversation with many folk in my 17+ years as a Reiki Master Teacher, both with my students and others who just want impartial advice.

Lets have a chat about this… grab a cuppa and pull up a chair.

“Sue has provided me with a very positive role model as a Reiki Master in training, from which to develop my own practice and individual approach. Each level of Reiki is very different and Sue’s breadth of knowledge, skills and understanding to help each individual student at whichever stage are only to be admired.”      more….


Where are you now?

You’ve undertaken Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 training presumably.  And you are self-treating every day aren’t you…. ?

Since taking Reiki two training

Hopefully it’s been some time since your Reiki Two.

You need to have fully integrated Reiki 2 into your energy system before progressing to Reiki Master training. That means working on every level with Reiki 2 before progressing. Using the symbols (off by heart) constantly. Past – present – future work. Clearing everything you can find to clear with Reiki two, using it on everything. Mental Emotional stuff. Understanding Reiki Two inside out.

Why do you want to take Reiki Master training?

Ask yourself honestly why do you want to do this?

Is it for another Certificate on your wall?  Do you see Reiki Master training as an obvious next step?    Ego?  Being of Service?   To Teach? To deepen your understanding and connection to Reiki?

You will know the true answer, there is no hiding our truth from Reiki.

Who is your Reiki Master?

Have you chosen a Master to take you through Reiki Master training or are you looking?

Is it the same Reiki Master that you did your Reiki Two training with? It needn’t necessarily be.

What are your considerations… Location?  Price?  Duration of training?  What are their levels of experience?

Is the training in a group or 121?  Will it include active teaching practice?

What sort of follow up support is available to you with them?

Have you discussed Reiki Master Training with them?

Treating others and Public Practice

People think they have to be offering Reiki treatments to others before taking Reiki Master training.  Umm why?

Reiki is first and foremost a personal journey.  I have had many student at all levels, who didn’t ever treat anyone else except their closest family members. Reiki was to them a very personal connection and they were never called to Public Practice. If a Reiki Master student (of mine) wishes to undertake the training solely for their own personal development, experience in treating others in Public Practice is not required.

Should a students wish to progress into teaching (Reiki Master Teacher), they need to have experience in all aspect of Reiki including being in Public Practice.

I individualise Reiki Master Training and Reiki Master Teacher Training to suit the needs of the student, so this is never an issue.


My take

To me Reiki Mastership is about your  personal journey with Reiki.  It’s about self-discovery, masses of inner work and deep connection to Reiki. 

Reiki Master training  is a calling. Reiki  chooses us, when we are ready and is not something to be entered into lightly – the energy at this level is powerful… like plugging into the mains.  

We will each have our own individual and very personal journey with Reiki, which is very beautiful. Just as there Master Teachers teach in different ways. Choose Teacher that is ‘right’ for you 💗 not just convenient and a good price.

Enjoy the process, you’ll never be the same again

Thinking about a Mentoring session with me?     Contact me for a free 20 minute (no-obligation) chat

“I decided to ring Sue and find out more … and what it involved. Immediately I felt a connection with Sue, she wasn’t pushy trying to sell … but just gave me the information leaving me as she put it ‘to follow my heart.’”                          more…..





Should I take Reiki Master training?
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