Reiki Healing, Shrewsbury is available to you.   Come and enjoy Reiki healing treatments with peace and privacy.


In a quiet leafy suburb of Shrewsbury Shropshire, I have my tranquil Reiki healing treatment room.

This glorious little healing space is within the small home that I share with my husband Paul and cat Max.

Shrewsbury is a beautiful old county town, there is lots to see and explore. Situated between the West Midlands and Wales, it’s a lovely place for a day out.

Reiki Healing, Shrewsbury

Reiki healing; calming, quiet, rejuvenating.   A re-connection to self, restorative and centring.  Gentle, warming, laying on of hands, Reiki reaches the deepest levels of any imbalance.

Not that you need have anything wrong as such to enjoy a Reiki treatment, many of my clients attend because they want to maintain their equilibrium.

A quiet situation is best for this beautiful treatment and I have that here. I love working in my home space, I am deeply appreciative of all of the benefits:

  • I can maintain the energy for a more healing environment than in a shared clinic room.
  • Between appointments I can take a stroll in my garden to ground myself in preparation for my next client.
  • More personal privacy is afforded to clients, no public waiting area for you to share.
  • The more secure and private someone feels the deeper they can relax and so deeper healing occurs.
  • Reiki’s beautiful calming and healing energy filters out into all of my home.


I love my work, it’s a joy and a privilege.  I am also a Professional and take my role seriously.

It’s now over 17 years since I qualified as a Reiki Master Teacher, I’ve been in private practice in Shrewsbury with the public since 1995.  Fully insured and a Member of The Reiki Association, I abide by their Codes of  Ethics.

Confidentiality is assured.  I have treated people from all walks of life over the years.

In the first instance, contact me to arrange a FREE 20 minute call, to see how I can help you.


Take a look at Reiki Treatment to find out more and Treatment Questions may answer any queries that you have.


My treatment room, this little oasis of calm,  is situated on the 1st floor of my home.

Toilet facilities are available.

The treatment couch is comfortable with lots of pillows available and a cover to snuggle under.

After the Reiki treatment, we can sip some watch whilst we chat. I want you to feel fully awake and grounded by the time you leave.

For Reiki Healing, Shrewsbury. I’m conveniently situated on the westerly side of town, near the A5. I can be reached without the bother of going into town.

Call me today on 07855 098 166

Sue xx






Reiki Healing, Shrewsbury
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2 thoughts on “Reiki Healing, Shrewsbury

  • 31st May 2018 at 4:26 pm

    I am currently having chemotherapy and one of the support staff has recommended I try Reiki. I am struggling at the moment and would appreciate a boost to get me back to a place where my confidence is improved enabling a better psychological state.

    • 31st May 2018 at 10:41 pm

      Hello Martin,
      I’m delighted to hear that Reiki has been recommended to you for support. I’ve emailed you.
      Many thanks

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