Vision Boards don't work

Vision Boards Don’t Work

Vision Boards Don't Work! What?? Shock horror! Vision Board's don't work Sue! You mean to say, that all those hours ...
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Work or Creating

Work or Creating? What we call it and our feelings about it, will directly impact on the results achieved. I'm ...
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Reiki Healing, Shrewsbury - Blog by Sue Davies at

Reiki Healing, Shrewsbury

Reiki Healing, Shrewsbury is available to you.   Come and enjoy Reiki healing treatments with peace and privacy. Shrewsbury In ...
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Reiki Land Ahoy!

Lost at sea and long to hear – Reiki Land Ahoy!

Land Ahoy! Is a very welcome cry when we are feeling lost at sea.   If you've been caught up ...
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Reiki Master training Blog - Sue Davies at

Should I take Reiki Master training?

Is Reiki Master training right for you?  Only you can decide lovely. I've had this conversation with many folk in ...
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New kid on the block wobbles - Blog by Sue Davies at

A new kid on the block give you the wobbles?

So there you are feeling ok with your business, when Boom!  A new kid on the block pops up.... Competition ...
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7 Benefits of Clutter Clearing - Blog by Sue Davies at

7 Clutter Clearing Benefits to make it worth your while.

When you know what the Clutter Clearing benefits  are, you'll probably feel inspired into taking action. Inspired action is always ...
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17 Seconds Blog by Sue Davies at

17 seconds of Negativity? That’s plenty!

17 seconds of negativity is all it takes, before you start attracting stuff with that same negative vibe. It may ...
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Asking for guidance, who do I ask for? - Blog by Sue Davies at

Who do I ask for when asking for guidance?

Asking for guidance from the unseen realms in the Universe, is available to everyone. I often see questions about asking ...
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Your uniqueness is your gift to the world ~ Blog by Sue Davies at

Staying Connected to your Uniqueness

Your Uniqueness is your gift to the world, are you being true to it? We can easily get distracted by ...
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Become a Goal Magnet- Blog by Sue Davies at

Morning habit to become a Goal Magnet

Often our goals feel ‘out there’, somewhere away from us, some way into the future. Energetically, what we want goal ...
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Learning Roundabout Blog by Sue Davies at

Life Lessons on a Learning Roundabout

The Learning Roundabout will keep turning, showing us life lessons in all sorts of ways.  Do you want to stay ...
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