Land Ahoy! Is a very welcome cry when we are feeling lost at sea.  

If you’ve been caught up in the ocean storms of life, out of practice with Reiki, fear not.  Like a sailor who longs to hear Land Ahoy! You can return and re-connect.

Like a dry land, Reiki is a constant.

Come on a voyage with me if you will….

In this analogy, the Sea is Life, we are travelling through life in our Boat and Reiki is Land…. humour me 🙂

Reiki One

When we first learn Reiki we usually practice diligently and get familiar with it, rather like someone who has first learnt to sail a boat.  We may bob around a safe harbour for a while or visit an enclosed boating lake while we build our confidence. Always within the easy reach of high dry land.

It might be that we are quite happy in a safe harbour, gentle river or beautiful canal and feel no desire to head out for open water.  And that is absolutely perfect.

Reiki Two

Maybe, if the student feels ready, they learn how to Captain a new boat, one with more sails and ropes to consider, one with navigation systems.   Now equip to travel into unfamiliar waters for new experiences; open water, where all landmarks have disappeared, where time and space can be an illusion.  Reiki Two.

Life can take us on some wonderful voyages, with glorious adventures full of new sights, tastes and experiences.

Everything is just plain sailing!

Ocean going

It can also throw into some arduous voyages, where we get buffeted by waves and maybe at risk of capsize or sinking. So far out at sea yet, we know land is out there somewhere, even if we cant see it.  Maybe we even find ourselves longing and praying to see any sort of land even if it’s not our homeland.

We know it’s there somewhere and yet we may even wonder if we will ever  experience it again, you’d give your left arm to hear someone shout Land Ahoy!

Remembering so clearly how sand, grass or bitumen feels under our feet. The reassuring feeling of the solidity of the earth beneath us, even if our legs are wobbly and all around us is spinning.

Have no fear,  Reiki – the Land is still there, and will always be there. Solid, Secure, Unquestioning, Unconditionally there … waiting.

Be it months or years since you last connected to Reiki.  Turn your boat around and head for home.

Land Ahoy! Coming home

All you need is your intention to reconnect. Lay your hands upon yourself and be open to to receiving.

It may be a bit thin feeling at first, but it will be there, be patient.  With some regular self-treatment the flow will build up.  And like a round-the-world sailor coming home into port, there will be an out-pouring of love for you.

Feel Reiki welcome you back as it re-connects with your soul, as it fills you up.

It’s not just you

There are many reasons why we disconnect from Reiki. Why we get out of the habit of self-treating.  All of which are irrelevant as far as I’m concerned. Life happens and we don’t need to justify ourselves to anyone, least of all to Reiki, it is unconditional love after all.

Let me reassure you, that it happens a lot, to many folk, regardless of years of experience or Reiki Level.  In fact it’s a very normal part of growing with Reiki because there is power in that re-connection experience. That doesn’t mean that it’s the end for them, it’s usually just life has got in the way somehow.  It can happen to anyone at anytime, myself included, but when the time is right and we reach out with our intention, Reiki is waiting.

In my time as a Reiki Master Teacher (since  June 2000), I’ve coached many people who have come to me, worried thinking that they need re-attuning (they don’t), fearing they have lost their connection to Reiki. Just because (mostly) they have stopped using Reiki for some reason or another.

Rest assured, wherever you are on your Reiki Journey and in life.  Reiki is waiting for you, like the beloved coast of your homeland.


Sue xx






P.s.   Apologies to all friends to know about boaty things, clearly my knowledge is limited 🙂


Lost at sea and long to hear – Reiki Land Ahoy!
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