Here’s what some of my patients say about me and the service I provide…..

Very much appreciated Mrs Davies’ care over 6 years and owe a lot to her picking up a melanoma on my toe (which later had to be amputated as part of the drastic treatment needed).                                                      Mrs W. Since 2010

I am very satisfied with the treatment I receive and Sue gives me very useful information and guidance on certain health matters.                                                                                                                                                    Mrs J.  Since 2013

Since Sue has been seeing to our feet, they have been brilliant, she is excellent at her profession.     [Both patients are prone to in-growing nails]                                                                                                       Mrs & Mr P J.  since Feb. 2014

Very happy and have been for many years.                                                                                Mr & Mrs B. since April 1999

The relief that comes with first class service is immense. Being seen by Sue (Davies) for 4 years and I haven’t got a single thing that I could say negative about her or her treatment                                                           Mrs S J. since 2012

Always very professional and caring. Service given is first rate. Any problems are dealt with and advice given if needed. Would recommend to any of my friends.                                                                     Mrs & Mr J.    since Sept 2010

Excellent! I wouldn’t go or see anyone else.                                                                                        Mrs G. since March 2012

We are delighted with the care and attention given to our feet by Sue, especially as Joseph is a diabetic and treatment to his feet is essential. We can thoroughly recommend Sue as a Foot Health Practitioner.                         Mr and Mrs L.

Each time Sue has visited to look at my feet she has left them in significantly better shape than she found them. She’s a good listener and I find the continuity of care that she is able to provide invaluable and most reassuring. I have a history of in-growing toenails and she has kept them trouble free.                                                    Mr B.  since July 2013

Excellent service from the first appointment. Highly satisfied.                                                           Mr W. since Sept 2015

I have know Mrs Davies for years, she also attended my husband who had Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s and has always been sympathetic to his needs. Her professional expertise has always been 1st Class.    Mrs G. since June 2010

Very good communication skills with my son who has special needs.                                          Mrs L. since July 2007

This is the third year (2016) that Sue has been caring for my feet and those of my husband. We are very grateful for the exemplary treatment we have had.     [Both patients are prone to in-growing nails]          Mrs B. since July 2013

Sue is a very caring person and always speaks to my Mum who has dementia. Always on time.   Daughter of Mrs C. since October 2012

A very pleasant , friendly lady who is easy to talk to, making treatment a pleasure.                   Mrs L. since March 2012

Friendly and professional, will always advise on any foot care problems. An excellent quality service.       Mrs B. since July 1997

I am very pleased with the service and Sue is a very happy person, I look forward to her visits.       Mrs G. since March 2010

Always very professional, treatment very efficient, kind and helpful.                                           Mrs J. since June 2008

We are very happy with this service as it allows us to be treated in our home and can ask any questions about which we have concerns.                                                                                                                            Mr & Mrs E.  since Sept 2014

Professional service and pleased with the end result.   [Stroke survivor]                                    Mr H. since August 2013

Very Kind                                                                                                                                                      Mrs T. since July 2013

A very pleasant lady and a nice way to spend half an hour.                                                              Mrs O. since June 2009

We have been well looked after for the past 12 months.                                                        Mr and Mrs D. since Dec 2015

Sue has been doing my feet for a number of years, being in a lot of pain in the past, they are now fine. Many thanks.  [In-growing nails]                                                                                                                                  Mrs J. since July 2005

Always very pleasant                                                                                                                                   Mrs S. since April 2013

A very kind person, always on time                                                                                                        Mrs R.  since Sept 2014