Hands on Sessions

Hands on Sessions

Hands on Sessions are available with me in Shrewsbury at two locations. You may know what treatment you choose to receive in advance or we can ask your body what it needs on the day. Hands on Sessions are available

Training Classes in Shrewsbury

Classes & Events

Classes & Events coming up… I run regular Classes on various topics as well as attend Events Introduction into Access Bars Wednesday 31st January 2018            6.30 – 8.30 pm Visit https://integralhealthshrewsbury.com/events/introduction-to-access-bars/ for more information Access Consciousness® Bars Class Friday 2nd

Clarity Sessions

Clarity Sessions

Clarity Sessions, are your 1-2-1 time with me. Want some support or clarity?   Facilitation?     CPD or Supervision? Someone you understands where you are at?     This is your chance to ask me anything!     Someone who has

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Insomnia relief with Bars

After ten years of insomnia and a head that so felt so full of 'stuff' I was intrigued to see if it [Bars} could at the very least ease these problems The evening after the first session I noticed that my head was becoming clearer and feeling emptier than it had in years. The next day I was a different person or the person I was 20 years ago with clarity and lightness that felt unbelievable AND my insomnia has dissolved into the ether so it seems. Just had my third [Bars] session and cannot get over how this has changed my life. All I can say is 'amazing' - I have to learn this so I can treat my nearest and dearest. Eight hours of sleep without a pill seems almost a miracle to me.

Lynda with clarity and lightness that felt unbelievable

Upcoming Events

Coming soon... How Much are You Willing to Receive? Is a class based on the book “Money Isn’t the Problem - You Are” by Gary Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer. Date tbc. Join my mailing list to hear all the latest updates

How Muach are You Willing to Receive?
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